If you take the photo from a public road or place then we may accept it, but with commercial sale restrictions on it. We want to be good corporate citizens and will always try not to violate anyone’s copyright. Sometimes you can obtain written permission from these organizations and pay a fee in order to take photographs that you want to sell. It’s worth checking.

Alternatively, if you’d rather be outside, volunteer at a local park or Leiston Abbey area, there’s always lots to do that will get your blood pumping and ready to drop at the end of the day.

leiston abbey The Lakes freshwater is great for watching otters, pikes and British sharks. There are many tours, events and activities which centre on and around the lakes. You can go on a cruise of Lake Windermere all year round except Christmas day. One cruise last for about three hours and includes a visit the aquarium, a steam railway and the World of Beatrix Potter. Some of the lake cruises originate from Victorian times.

Here’s another nice twist. One type of Green Seal paint, Eco-House, is made right here in New Brunswick. Owner Henry Reinartz established the company in 1989, first providing durable paints for artists and outdoor murals. The company has since diversified into paints for more mainstream uses. Manufacturing takes place in Nackawic, and sales are done mainly over the internet. Ironically, most of Eco-House’s sales are to other parts of Canada and the US. An exception is CentreBeam, a hostorical building in Saint John, where Eco-House’s earthy colors fit the restoration project perfectly.

If you both enjoy a bit of culture, you can do something cultural such as visit a gallery and view works of art, perhaps finding an artist you both like. You could choose a museum that you both haven’t been to, which would be a new experience for both of you. Round it off with some lunch or an early dinner to get to know each other and talk about what you have seen.

The York Minster in York is the biggest medieval building in the whole of England. In Europe, this is the most important gothic cathedral. Get a bird’s eye view of the city from the cathedral tower. Visit the underground crypt and museum and explore through the history of the building.